Lunch on Thursday in Montana

The above photo was taken at lunch just after Mike and Donna arrived at the hotel. Seated in the front are Bob and Candy Stephens.  Both are Past State Presidents of the Montana State Elks Association and Bob is Currently the Association Secretary/Treasurer.

Outgoing and Incoming Presidents of Montana

The above picture is the immediate Past State President Darla Downs and newly installed State President Fred Barrett.

MFZ & GT K. Mills

Mike is seen here with Area 8 member of the Board of Grand Trustees Keith Mills from Idaho.

PSP's of Montana & State Presidents 2

Above we have the Montana Past State Presidents, together with the immediate past state President Darla Downs. Also in the picture are the State Presidents from Wyoming, Marilyn Lane and from Idaho Steve Meier.


While in Montana Mike and Donna visited the Charlie Russell Museum.  Charlie Russell was an accomplished artist, known as the cowboy artist and was also a member of the Great Falls Lodge of Elks.

In his remarks to the membership, GER Zellen stated that while there are many great fraternal and charitable organizations throughout our country, none can compare with the range of programs and services that we offer to our members and to our communities. Zellens’ theme for the coming year is “Elks ~ Leading the Way”.

GER Zellen thanked the Montana Elks for their participation in many worthy programs and demonstrating that the Montana Elks are truly leading the way in their communities. He cited their participation in various youth and athletic programs, their participation in patriotic programs, drug awareness, veterans service, community service projects as well as their state major project that provides financial aid to rural community hospitals. He stated that the Montana membership should be very proud of the programs and services they provide in their communities.

GER Zellen also spoke about membership being the “Lifeblood” of our Order. He asked the Montana membership help him to make history in the coming year and turn the tide of losses in membership.