Nebraska Visit

GER Mike and First Lady Donna’s Visit to Nebraska

August 25 – August 28, 2016


          We arrived in Kearney, Nebraska on Thursday afternoon, August 25 and were met at the airport by PGER Jim McQuillan, State President Mike Ohren, his wife Marcy and a host of other Nebraska Elks.



          On Thursday evening, we attended an informal dinner hosted by the State Association at the Alley Rose Restaurant in Downtown Kearny.

On Friday after breakfast, Donna and the ladies visited the Archway, which is a museum stretching over interstate 80. The museum covers 170 years of Nebraska’s role in the westward expansion.  Donna also visited the Fireman’s Museum which was built as a tribute to all firefighter’s for their service to the State of Nebraska.

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On Friday, I was off to the golf course with PGER Jim and the Nebraska Elks for their annual golf tournament.


I did take one shot so that I could say that I actually played golf with PGER Jim. I am not known for my golfing ability.

          Friday evening, we attended an informal western casual night dinner to meet and mingle with the membership.

On Saturday morning, First Lady Donna was hosted by Marcy Ohren and the other Nebraska Ladies to a meet and greet brunch. During the brunch, there was a presentation by Nebraska’s State Major Project, “The Kids on the Block”, which is a group of educational puppets that travel to schools, preschools, youth group/clubs, kid’s fairs, summer programs, and support groups to educate children on such topics as coping with physical and mental disabilities, bullying and substance abuse. The Nebraska Elks Association in conjunction with the Kids on the Block, sponsors these programs at NO COST to the various groups.


After brunch Donna attended the “Craft Silent Auction” which is an annual event sponsored by the Nebraska State Elks Ladies to raise money for a designated project. This year, the Nebraska Ladies selected Camp Hope, which is a rehabilitation facility for Veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress.

The ladies were then off the have lunch at “The Barn” that consisted of foods originated in Nebraska.

On Saturday morning I attended the Fall Conference Session followed by individual breakout sessions and the District Deputy Clinics. I was very impressed with the reports given throughout all of the sessions and meeting.

Saturday evening Donna and I attended a Reception and Banquet given in our honor. At the event both Donna and I received a number of terrific gifts which we will always treasure, as we will treasure the memories of the wonderful trip to Nebraska.  During the banquet, I congratulated the Nebraska Elks for the many contributions and great works of charity that they perform within their communities and throughout their State.  They truly demonstrate that “Elks are Leading the Way.”