New York Visit


GER Mike and First Lady Donna’s visit to New York

September 22 – September 25, 2016

Donna and I arrived in White Plains, New York and were met at the airport by PGER David R. Carr and his wife Penney, and New York Convention Director Edgar Manwaring.

Arriving at the hotel we were met by State President Bill Reedy and his wife Lisa and a host of other New York Members. Pictured below is PGER Dave Carr, GER Mike and State President Bill Reedy.


On Thursday evening Donna and I enjoyed dining at the hotel with the members of the New York State Elks Advisory Board and their spouses.

On Friday, I attended many of the workshops and had the opportunity to make some brief remarks at each of the sessions. Donna was off with the ladies on a shopping tour at the mall.

Friday evening Donna and I, PGER Dave and Penney Carr and State President Bill Reedy and his wife Lisa were guests of the State Association for a delicious dinner at the famous Morton’s Steak house.

On Saturday afternoon Donna enjoyed the tour of the Lyndhurst Estate and having lunch with Penney Carr, Lisa Reedy and Barbara Capella.

On Saturday morning, I attended the State Association’s general business session and had the opportunity to listen to committee reports and witness first-hand the great works that the Lodges and the State Association do in the name of Elkdom.


During the meeting, I also had the pleasure of presenting three Grand Lodge Awards as follows: State Major Projects Booth – 5 Star Award; State Web Site – 5 Star Award and State Publication, 4 Star Award.


Also, during the meeting, Jamie Peace, PSP, Major Projects Chairman introduced Alex Marmet who is one of the new Ambassadors of the State’s Major Project, Home Service Program of the UCP Association, the program concentrates on individuals with Cerebral Palsy and provides individualized services to adults and children with disabilities. It was a pleasure meeting Alex and his parents Larry and Nancy Marmet.


Pictured above is GER Mike and Alex


On Saturday evening Donna and I attended the Cocktail Reception and State Banquet held in our honor. The dinner was delicious and very enjoyable.

After dinner, Donna & I addressed the membership and thanked them for their hospitality and many kindnesses shown to us during our visit.


I also congratulated the membership for “Leading the Way” in the many worthy community activities that the Lodges and the State Association provide to their respective communities. Last year, 105,588 New York Elks and their helpers provided services to 653,899 participants in the communities were Elks live and work.  Their State Charitable Report Summary indicates that the total cash value of hours worked, miles driven, cash and non-cash contributions totaled $17,214,530.39.

I also congratulated them for surpassing PGER Ron Hicks’ per capita of $4.65 to the Elks National Foundation with a per capita of $6.21 statewide.

At the Banquet, Donna and I were presented with beautiful gifts. Donna received a Big Apple Pandora Charm to add to her collection of charms she has received from each of the states visited.  I was presented with the traditional Cutco cutlery set.

Donna and I had the opportunity to visit all the district hospitality rooms and personally thanked everyone for their friendliness and for their warm greetings.

On Sunday morning, after having breakfast, Donna and I and Dave and Penney Carr we were off for our official visit to the State of Connecticut.