West Virginia Visit

GER and First Lady Donna’s visit to West Virginia

August 12 – 14, 2016


We arrived at the Charleston airport on Friday evening and were greeted by PGER Ted and Becky Hess, District Deputy Richard Maack and his wife Lisa and Vice President Walter S. Ice and his wife Jennifer.  After a short drive we arrived at the hotel and were greeted by State President Roger Kirkpatrick and his wife Susan.

On Saturday morning I attended the State Association Business Session and was very impressed with the reports presented by the State Committee Chairmen.

After the close of the business session, Donna and I attended the Youth Awards Luncheon with the National and State ENF Most Valuable Scholarship winners, the Legacy Scholarship recipients, the American Essay Contest winners and the Teenager of the Year winner and their families.  Pictured below are the National and State Scholarship winners.



Prior to the Youth Awards Session on Saturday, Donna was presented with a bird feeder and I was presented with a wooden desk set by PER Christine Pearson, President of the PER Association.  Seated in the background were some of the scholarship and award winners with their family members.


The Youth Awards and Scholarship Program was very impressive with the winners of the American Essay Contest coming to the dais to read their winning essays to the assembly.

Pictured below (picture 1) is First Lady Donna and GER Mike with Mason Lane Nickols, one of the of the American Essay Contest winners and Natalie Chappell who was Teenager of the year and West Virginia Elks Association State Scholarship Committee Chairperson Nanci J. Hovermale. (Picture 2) is First Lady Donna and GER Mike with MVS winners Greg and Tom Hart.



On Saturday evening Donna and I attended the W. VA State Association Reception and Banquet.  We had a delicious dinner and were presented with a number of beautiful gifts.  Donna was presented with a Pandora Charm to add to her collection of charms of the various states visited.

Both Donna and I had a wonderful visit and thanked PGER Ted Hess, his wife Becky, State President Roger Kirkpatrick, his wife Susan and all of the W. Virginia Elks for their outstanding hospitality throughout our visit.